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First month finished

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first month finished on 30th may I wanted to take a break to try and lose on my own , just got back from my doctor and he has perscribed 3 months of duromine (4months total, first time iv ever been given a repeat script)

Start: April 30th 96.5kilo
Last day of month 1: May 30th 90.8kilo
Weight lose while on break: 0.1kilo
Weight now 90.7
Total lose of 5.8kilo

I did gain and lose the same 1kilo while On break every few days but as of this morning down 100grams
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@madhatter that's awesome that you were able to maintain during your break.

Would love to know if your side effects are the same this time around, or if they lessen due your break :)
So far iv had a dry mouth, horrible sleep and have had a few headaches

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