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Hi I am female 36 yrs old
start weight 72kg August 15th 2012
now 65kg October 23rd 2012
I have about 2 weeks left on 40mg
Probably didn't do it the best way
barely ate
barely drank water
barely exercised
Happy with the results hoping to lose another few kgs in the next couple of weeks
found you lose about 1kg per week
during period you gain weight due to water retention - it goes after period
Sleeping was hard at first but I suffer from heyfever and found my polaromine that I take of a night for hey fever would make me drowsy so that helped - over the counter medication
Constipation - used a laxative called Coloxyl - over the counter medication
I know I will have to be very careful when finishing not to gain the weight back!!! I have been a yo yo dieter my life
enjoy & goodluck


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