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Hi all,

I have just registered on the site and read a lot of blogs and comments, so am a bit excited (to lose the weight) and a bit scared (because of some of the negative comments and side effects).

I will start to use Duromine, well I'm getting my prescription, tomorrow or the day afterwards hence my Google searching Duromine :)

For anyone who could assist, please could you advise on the following:
* Do I need to take a day off on my first day to determine of I do suffer from any negative side effects? Or would it be OK to go to work?
* Does everyone suffer from nasty side effects, or are there at least a few 'lucky' ones that don't? :)
* My work requires me to be constantly 'mind-active' and in control, so I can't afford to be 'spaced out' or to lose my temper (as many users state they experience)? Is this a side effect I need to worry about?
* Once completing my cycle of Duromine, will I pick up the weight again? I will continue to lead a healthy lifestyle but don't want Duromine to become a crutch.

As a final note, my goal is to lose +- 15kgs allthough an extra 5 would be great. I do follow (well mostly) a very healthy lifestyle. I eat a balanced diet of fats, carbs & proteins and gym a minimum of 4 days a week (combination of weight training and cardio). Somehow my body is not responding to my efforts and hence the Duromine to kick-start it.

Looking forward to start my Duromine journey, and reading all your posts of motivation.


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