Duromine 30mg week 1 experience by Bellak123

Hi All

So my 1st week back on Duromine 30mg has been challenging. The 1st 3 days I had no appetite however managed to have some small meals and drank 3L of water each day. I started experiencing headaches from the 4th day but they were all gone on the 6th day as I started to drink less water and just stayed on the 2L-2.5L mark. My appetite was slowly coming back too, which I found to be odd but think it's due to gym and my metabolism working faster now that I am working out.

I managed to go to gym throughout the week and watched what I ate. I must admit I was able to finally fit inside my size 12 pants which I last wore in April earlier this year. I am feeling so much lighter and have more energy, although when I weighed myself on Sunday I'm still 83.3kg even though I see my centimeters have dropped. I am not sure if I am gaining muscle hence my weight did not drop. If any one has any idea please do share.

I look forward to my 2nd weeks results and will keep you all posted.


Hey Bella! Happy to hear from you! Looks like you're working really hard and I am sure that you need to use a measuring tape and take measures. Thus, you will notice how much you lose in volume, even if not in weight. And this might become your motivation to push it harder. Congrats on getting into your 12 size pants! The feeling is indeed great!
Looking forward to your next update and wish you a fantastic week!
Hi April, thanks so much for the advice and the encouragement. Have a great week ahead. :)

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