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Hi girls... Definate reevaluation time for me... I have had 2 weeks break from duromine.. and yes - my body went woohoo to that.. lets crack open some crap and celebrate - so.. my body and i did that.. and then we felt sick!! It took 3, maybe 4 days before i was functioning in the ensuite again.... prunes, metamucil.. bucket loads of water and nothing helped me on duromine... so now.. I feel such release! Been regular again and feeling healthier!!
My weight - struggled on duromine.. hardly worth the money - has stayed at 76 ish since being off.. lowest I reached was 75.5.. (i think).. so a mere 3kg in 2 months.. Am now seriously considering not filling another script.... I have Never been so awfully and consistently constipated in all my life..!!! I was still hingry on duromine - and esoecially at night when I need the Curbing... i do have more of an appetite again now, but all I eat isnt being trapped in my bowel... with no escape for a couple.of weeks.. Only way I was abke to help myself was to take laxettes and then.. Ohh the pain.. was like giving birth to a bolder-poo!!

Not sure what to do at this point... will continue to weigh myself on Friday's and to come see how you are all travelling on the Duro-Train... and will let you know if I jump back on again soon....
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You'll know what to do chicken, Everyone's different
Omfg your so funny ! Seriously a boulder-poo bahaaaaa least you can see the funny side!
Oh I have to get my script today for month 3 then try get another 3 months off my dr before Qld! Everything crossed he gives them
Let's see what Friday brings, You may be in a different space by then
Have a great week xxxxxx
Oh man that sounds so painful. I'm not a regular visitor for number 2s without Duro so it seems normal for me. Can't wait to see how you go in the next few weeks. Im excited for you.
Hi Vix and Kc.. yep.. still havent decided to fill that 3rd script. If I do - i will this week.. its 2.38am now so waking up at this time of morning has become normal.. thanks Duromine.. NOT.. also am still drinking lots of water so that's another positive...

I have found chocolate on my diet again.. seems to be a nightly snack.. :confused:.. not sure if i have just clicked into Well - You're Just Fat Deanna.. Have Some Chocolate.. Have a Few Rows.... So sick of myself!!

Maybe I will give it another shot.. see what happens. Hopefully I crack into some amazing new mindset and suddenly turn off chocolate and mmmmmmmalteasers
You can do this!!
Omg you said malteasers!! Evil word haaaaa, oh have you seen the jelly tip chocolate in NZ?? Ohhhh I am so getting my sis to bring me some over... Just one and no I'm not sharing lol.
Do you think it's easier to stick to in Summer?? I know in summer I don't eat half as bad as winter! But I'm a piggy at the best of times
Your so good with your water!! I'm still having litres a day of coffee!! But I love my coffee and it's made with water so I kind of try and justify it that way
Haha.. I get your water in coffee theory.. I drink too much of that too bit I have cut down on buying it.. so - with our rheory in tack.. im actually drinking more water than i was there too.. haha

Have heard NZ have the best Jelly Tips-.and lollies...

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