Day two....

Yesterday was great. I was super motivated and had heaps of energy. It was hubby’s birthday and we had family over for dinner. Hubby wanted take away ‍♀️ And he chose the worst..... KFC!!! my sister brought a salad so I piled my plate with that and had two tenders. Lucky the family are all big eaters and it was all demolished pretty quickly. I was not hungry anyway.
I did not sleep well. I recall the wakefulness was a problem last time. I also have a dry throat. Today I do not feel like eating but will have a small breakfast as I have a busy day.
Weight this morning was 109.4
I have been for a 5km walk and done my physio exercises (knee)
Will do my measurements later today and might even do a ‘before’ pic
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Hey, you were a really good girl at the family's dinner!:cool:
How about the 'before' photo? Are you still planning to add this for future comparison?

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