Day 8 & 9

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Yesterday i rolled off a night shift which i would usually head home and sleep until mid afternoon and then wake feeling pretty shitty, however I had a to sort out the front and back yard of the house so i got home and basically had a 2 hour nap and woke feeling really good! My energy levels are coming back which is awesome, i knocked out 20k steps, weeding, raking, mulching, snipping and mowing the lawns. My foot intake was ok, it could have been better, but i smashed alot of water and my volume of consumption of food was alot lower, i can really feel the reduced hunger which is cool. My right foot was sore in the evening which was expected and totally manageable, but felt fine this morning. Today (day 9) I'm back at work, facing a 5 day swing, and I'm going to try and get a run in every day!
Hope you all have a good weekend guys, and good luck on your weight loss battle.


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