Day 4 on Duromine

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Today marks my 4th day on Duromine. I've taken it at 5 am every morning since last Saturday. On the first day: I felt a little energized around 10pm and I found that I had hot flashes but nothing hectic. I also developed a slight headache a little later that day which game and gone. My throat was slightly dry but I actually like this as it allowed me to drink more water. The only thing I hate about drinking so much water are the loo trips. Ever since I have started, I did not have any problems sleeping. I exercised at home for about 45 mins, dancing, kicking, punching.. nothing hectic but enough for you to scoop sweat off my forehead :p

Day 2: pretty much the same as day 1 but on this day I felt rather numb. Tired? But then i realized that I had forgotten to eat so I ate and felt better. Same exercize routine.

Day3: Today I was supposed to be at work but I took the day off to take my little bundle for her clinic date. I had a rather busy day but I was walking around with my bottle of water and fruit. However, I did not exercize today. I was rather exhausted by the end of the day.

Day 4. and that actually TODAY. . woke up as par usual, grabbed my stuff left for gym and then I saw the scale.. it was just calling my name... so I stepped up :laughing: then had my 45minute you will find out what I saw below...
It is now 14h34, I am typing this and I feel a little feverish but supercharged. I dont know if that makes sense.

Last week's stats- On Thursday
CW- 86.5 kg
Height- 150cm
Age- 24

On Saturday I started on duromine
CW- 82.8 KG

YEP! I have lost a whooping 3.7kg in 4 days. When I walked in at work this morning, my colleagues noticed that I had shrinked a little. :laughing: :laughing:

My advice: Eat 5 times a day. two or three small meals and snacks i.e. fruits

My Next Weigh In will be in 9 days. I will post a new blog the very same day titled "Day 14 on Duromine'


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