Day 4- Lost my first Kilo

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I was ecstatic this morning at my weigh in, so yesterday I weighed in at 93.3KG and this morning I was 92.3.
It was such a relief. I decided to start taking my Duromine at 3AM instead of 6AM from this morning to try and get the effects to subside by the evening so I can get a solid nights sleep. Im not as thirsty today as compared to my first 2 days on Duromine, which is a relief, just so tired of running from the tap to the ladies. Fingers crossed lets hope I can keep loosing the weight, its going to be quiet a journey to get to 77KG's.
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Fantastic @Mala Chetty :)

How did you go over the weekend? did the effects taper off a bit?

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