Day 34

So I have been on the 40mg for 3 days now. I went to my doctor and she prescribed me the higher dose. At first she was hesitant, it's like you actually have to beg doctors these days. If I'm going to pay over $100 for tablets I want them to work!

The 40mg cost me $124.99 at Chemist Warehouse. I went there because that's usually the cheapest place. In other chemists it was $140+
The 30mg cost me $100 so the higher dose is more expensive.

I have noticed a bit of a difference being that I'm not feeling hungry as much.

On the 30mg I was starting to feel the hunger again after a couple of weeks, which was disappointing because I was feeling so great then started to want to eat again. So it's good to see that my appetite is not there anymore. I am still trying to have small meals throughout the day. I eat a lot of fruit and I'm drinking a lot of water as well.

Since starting the 40mg, I've had a little bit of an upset stomach, slight increased energy, and really dry mouth. I think these side effects will go in a couple of days.
The dry mouth is really annoying though, because I work in an office and make/take phone calls all day. So I make it a priority to drink lots of water!

I really hope I lose some more weight with the 40mg. I'm really looking forward to it.

My boyfriend says that he can notice a difference... He says I'm slimmer around my waist. I can't really notice it yet but I've been told it's normal not to notice on yourself at the start. I can feel it though. I don't feel my stomach sticks out as much, it seems a little slimmer than it was.


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