Day 3

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Day 3 (28/06/18)

So day 3 was exactly the same as day 2, no side effects, no appetite.
I did however really struggle with the water and only finished my second 750ml bottle at 10:30pm...

I didnt sleep the best, it was a cold night in Brisbane Aus. Plus my 4 year old used every excuse under the sun to make me come into her room every 30 mins. :(
But once i did finally get to sleep it was good :)

Total calories = 792. Still way below where they should be, but im really struggling to eat.
Today, im going to eat more (fingers crossed)

SW: 111.4
CW: 108.6
GW: 80kg
Loss: 400g

It wasnt a big loss like the last 2 days, but i expected that with the water.

Looking forward to seeing how day 4 will treat me and if ill ever get side effects o_O


Are you sure that you need the side effects? Lol Congrats on the weight loss! You’re going really well! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the changes!
@April definitely happy with no side effects, but would like some energy!!
Im taking my 4 year old to 100 years of disney on ice tomorrow night, so hopefully i can find something low cal to eat :)
Thank you, hope you have a great weekend too :laughing:

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