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Day 3 has been a good one! Got up early and took duro then went back to bed for 2 hours. Was up by 9:30 and into the garden for 4 hours. From there I took my dog for a walk and did a bit of a tidy up around the house. Meal prepped for the week ahead and then did some work. I also ate really well today and this weekend considering my weekends are normally filled with junk! I’m enjoying being on duro!

I’m starting day 4 off with a 6am body pump class so here’s hoping my energy levels remain as good as they have the last 3 days.

I’m also sleeping really well and not experiencing side effects so I couldn’t be happier :)


Way to go Em!

Your positive head space is surely helps as much as Duromine.

Can’t wait to see your results and maybe progress pics?
Thanks Sk1nnyoneday :)

I’m definitely trying to change my mindset that’s for sure! It’s hard to be posting when loosing weight doesn’t come easily but I know I’ll get there!

I’m not sure about progress pics :) maybe when I can see some actual changes in my body! I’ll keep you posted though!
Hi Em! Love the way that you spent your weekend. Indeed, a highly active and productive regime. =)) So happy that you are enjoying the effects that Duromine provides. And, you know, I would not suggest anything to you, as I see that you are already active and, like you said, you know what and how should be done. I can only say that it is good to change something in your physical activity once in a while… once in two weeks, for example. Our bodies do get used to the same loads. =) All in all, I love the way you are going and wish you an amazingly productive week.

PS. You can weigh in as frequent as you consider fit for you. If you get discouraged easily, then yes, once in two weeks sounds just fine. Cheers
Thanks April! I’m feeling so good :) been very active and eaten really well :) I’ve completely mixed up my exercise this week and I’m feeling a difference so far :) thanks for the tips!

I think I might weigh in after week 1. I’m curious to see if I’ve made progress. If I don’t lose anything, I’ll stop getting on the scales for a couple of weeks. I’ve also taken photos and measurements :)

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