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Today was extremely busy so I don't think I had time to even think about headaches
Or a dry mouth etc etc!

I went and had a body scan at the gym and well wow! as it would turn out I have ALOT of trans fat that I need to shift. I have another scan in 5 weeks so I'm using this time not to focus on my weight so much and to try and focus on cutting that down as much as I can (which will drop my weight lol) I really didnt each much today but had a yogurt for breakfast, banana for lunch-mostly coz I was so on the go and it's better than maccas!!! And a chicken and salad wrap for dinner. Of course lots of water. Exercise I did like 15mins on the cross trainer and 25 on the treadmill. I did some very light weights in small reps and sets but I do plan on increasing this. I have actually booked in for a personal training session to help with the strength training side of things as that's where I struggle- cardio is a breeze compared to that.

Not sure if I will have time to go to the gym tomorrow but I will deffinently do something. I'm not keen on going everyday anyway as I know what I am like and I will decide not to go lol I'm going to aim for 4/7 days!!! (2 down for this week and 2 to go)!!!!

Oh and I obviously was weighed at the body scan and I weighed 111.1 so I'm down 700grams already haha just another 35kg to go
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So, the very first weight loss that is! =)) Congrats!

I really love your focus on exercising, and I am sooooo not fond of your attitude to your nutrition. Still, I am sure that it will change really soon, because you already know that you need to get rid of bad fats, which means that you will have to act in a more conscientious way when selecting your food.

Personal training to manage the strength exercises – APPLAUSE! Sssoooo looking forward to follow your progress. Looks like it’s going to be a crazy ride! =))

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