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Its actually day 3, but this is a make up insert because I didn’t write anything yesterday. Ok, let’s get right into it.

Current side effects are just headaches before bed. I didn’t have much to eat yesterday. I had a tuna fish salad and boiled eggs. I could hardly finish a small bowl. I didn’t feel hungry so I skipped lunch and had an apple later in the day. I started feeling hungry around 7h30pm. I fell into temptation and bought a whopper, medium fries and medium Miranda. I don’t feel bad but I need more discipline.
I’ve been exercising moderately from Wednesday (Day 1) so this morning (day 3) I was so tempted to weigh myself and so I did. Turns out I lost 1.4kg am so happy . I initially weighed 95.5 am now down to 94.1kg.
Am excited about this journey. Can’t wait for more great results.


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