Day 2, First Night and Numbers

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So yesterday was pretty good, I was struggling with motivation in the morning but then around lunch time I had that warm feeling kick in and pushed myself to go to the gym, I struggled on the rower for a little while then felt really good and pushed out 3.2 k's which was a nice surprise.
I really had a difficult time trying to get off to sleep, I'm usually out before my head hits the pillow, I found my mind was racing which usually isn't an issue, but i did get some sleep and woke feeling OK, even though i was short a couple hours.

Jumped on the scale scales this morning and got the figures to compare from where i was roughly at last time, dear god!

This Morning:
Weight: 112.7 kgs
Body Fat %: 35.8%
Body Water %: 46.8%
Body Fat Weight: 40.3 kgs
Bone Mass: 8.6 kgs.

I found from an old blog entry that i started on the 3/10/17 at 111.5 Kgs, So I'm a bit heavier this time around.

Today I'm gona try and have a little jog on the treadmill, I haven't been able to run run for ages, the start of the year i did a F45 Challenge and in the third week, one of their sessions just destroyed my feet, felt like i had jarred them really bad and had a few days off. From my auto immune disease (that i didn't know i had at that point) this made everything worse, i ended up grinding though that 6 week challenge feeling like crap physically with no real results other then better cardio (#winning lol), but no weight loss. But since then my right foot in-particular has been causing me a fair bit of grief. From my diagnosis I've found out that I have complete erosion of the big toe joint/knuckle, some sort of plantar fasciitis issue and a heel spur. (which basically means ill never tap dance again..LOL) My sacroiliac joints (both) have erosion sites and sacroiliitis (which is a form of inflammation caused by the auto immune thingy), however from the treatment I've been on (last 4 weeks) overall my body has been feeling rather well, alot less pain, stiffness etc and since I'm feeling fine from the 3k row yesterday, I might as well see how a lil jog goes.

(wow, didn't intend for this entry to end up like a novel, hope you are all battling on with your weight loss journey, till tomorrow, Rob84)
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