Day 12 on 15mgs ... Wondering if i should double my dose.

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I work in mental health so my job is pretty demanding most days. Im finding that the duomine makes everything seem quite fast. My preception of things has changed slightly. Perhaps i'm over-sensitive.
The first week was a bit of a roller coaster... went to the Dr again after 4 days to see if my heart was ok. Heart beat was pretty fast - 102 p/m. He reccomended taking every second day. I've lost a couple of kgs. From 83.4 down to 80.8 yesterday. Been hitting the gym pretty hard most days and my personal trainer is really encouraging.
My appetite has come back a bit the last couple of days,. especially at night after the gym. I crave carbs like crazy. My willpower is slowly growing with each day. I just hope im not messing with my metabolism/mental health too much.


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