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Started on 30mg duramine today had my tablet ate about 7:45 I have felt fine all day had my breakfast then a coffee and some lunch. Needed a sweet treat after lunch which is common for me, I havnt really been starving like I usually am but we will see how the rest of the day pans out. My starting weight is 90.5kg and I would love to lose at least 20kg. i am usually an active person and have always been able to eat what i want when I want, but since stacking on heaps of weight over a small amount of time it has stopped me from doing my regular activities eg dancing,walking & Tennis as my feet are really sore from the extra wieght and have been told by the podiatrist to not walk and reast my feet. My weight gain came from taking Zoloft which I have now changed to Lexapro which i am on at the moment hoping it doesnt do anything while taking the Duromine, but time will tell. Will stay posted with the out come of it all. :p


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