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Day 1 questions xD

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Today i started for the very first time on duromine 15mg.
Starting weight- 105kg
Side effects so far have mainly been dry mouth, feeling spacey and maybe a bit of a sore tummy.

Im wondering what i should be doing food and exercise wise to achieve the best results? And maintain once the 12 weeks are complete :)

I just started eating dinner which is mainly veggies and a bit of honey mustard chicken but im only half way through and feel full! Do i stop or do i finish my food?
If i don't finish then im worried i won't be having enough calories xD ?

How many calories do people have while taking duromine? :)

So many questions haha so if anyones looking for a motivation question partner message away xD
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Heey Dahna,

Congratulations on starting your new lifestyle! :sun: It's great that you've decided to change your eating habits - you'll get the results faster;)
With Duromine, you want to eat less, and it's fine! Isn't it the main advantage of the pills?:cool:

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