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Hi everyone

So iam 33, 4 kids, 6ft and over weight i think like 116kg will weigh in 2m morning:( .so little bit about my story i had always been skinny as a teen then i had my first daughter and bounced back fine size 12 then had my second daughter and bounced back again size 12 , had my third bub but during that preg put on a heap of weight went up to a size 22 and couldnt loss it for the longest time ,come down to a size 14 after a long time and hard work

after years of life and a bad marrage i went up and down steading at a size 16 most times, after my marrage broke done i got back on my feet and was doing well lost some weight and went back to a size 12 met a fantastic guy and five yrs later we had a bub nu four for me, really didnt do well in the preg heaps of problems and ended up having seizures at 30 wks or so ended up having bub early.

its been 14months now since bub and i have gained so much weight i feel like shit i think i was 95kg fully preg but now i think 116kg , doc says that its prob from all the meds .

Oh sorry i have epolispy due to the preg body couldnt handle the pressure :(

I had never heard of Duromine at all until i went to the doctor on wednesday he suggested it for me
i have been reading forums and forums for days i have to admit i didnt think i would start a blog but here i am i find maybe my words might help someone maybe if not maybe all the typing will help loss my fat fingers:laughing:

I have read so many bad things and bad experences from all the blogs and have read not as many good storys:(
The only thing i have really learnt from reading is that everyone is different and losses different amounts
and every loss is a loss so try not to be down about small losses

I have read alot of ppl cant sleep well i struggle to sleep before 12 -2am any ways so iam curious as to how thats going to effect me
bit concerned about mood swings

headaches seem really common
i have also read that taking your tablet really early in the morning helps too like 5-6am then go back to bed iam wondering what ppl think of that idea?

i have also read to take your tablet with warm milk or milk or a hot beverage helps with side effects curious about that one lol

and that the key is to eat small and drink big and exercise but not heaps walking seems to be the biggest hit i have read so far though i do have a staionary bike so proberly do that

i hear protein is best and stay away from carbs
i love hearing that ppl have big losses but i know its not for everyone and that everyone is different but there is no harm in wanting big losses except that is prob healther to have small and steady losses but hey im only human lol

After reading for days on all the blogs iam scared and excited to start my Duromine 2m oops i mean today lol
i guess i will take my tablet in the early am and see how i do
i was thinking of starting weight watchers at the same time i dont know if thats a good idea or not might be easier to manage the food until i learn more and break old habbits

i will say the soft drink coke zero and diet coke will b the hardest struggle for me
iam not sure how often to blog not really sure how often ppl want to hear but i guess every few days seems the most popular as i like reading the differences in the weight losses every few days :laughing:

So hears hoping i dont give up and that the side effects are few :(
Thanks for reading ;)


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