Free spirit
Human heart
Chinese blood
Australian nationality
Heavenly citizenship

32 years old
5 foot nothing tall
Tiny bones
Hourglass figure
Petite & perfect
Secretly created
Knitted together
Intricately woven
Fearfully & wonderfully made

Belong to love of my life Jesus Christ
Married to 2nd love of my life King Dim Sim
Mama to Prince Bao & Princess Dumpling
Mama to furbabies Sploot & Chonk
Addicted to cake & chocolate FML
Also addicted to cheese & avocado
Survivor of childhood abuse & neglect
Warrior for family love & world peace
Dreaming about summer in my mini bikini

Ideal body 8 years ago at wedding & honeymoon
Weight gain from childbearing & breastfeeding
Healed from complex trauma, anxiety & depression
Diagnosed with hypothyroidism & beta thalassemia

Lost 15kg by myself in spring of 2019
Struggled all year to lose final 5kg in 2020

Original weight: 58kg
Current weight: 43kg
Ideal weight: 38kg

Duromine 15mg starting 11•12•2020