Backstory & a month and a half on Duromine (15mg)

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I've been overweight my entire life. Being premature 9 weeks I was a tiny newborn but not long after I became very large compared to others my age. I know nothing other than being very big. I've been to see paediatricians and dieticians and every other person throughout my schooling life but nothing they said would ever motivate me. Before I was around the age of 16 I was ok with myself and didn't care what people thought. Then it all caught up with me, I became aware of how big I was and very self-conscious. At around 16 I was 115kgs. I hadn't got a doctors opinion but I think I was depressed- I put on about 20-25kgs in a year. Looking back I think that was the worst year of my life, I saw very little that was good in the world and it took a toll on me. At 17 yrs and after this massive weight gain I went and saw this doctor who told me things I already knew from the hundreds of other doctors I'd seen prior. He then discussed the option of surgery, at that point I thought that was my only option because I was so down and out that I felt I could never lose this much weight on my own. He told me they'd never go through with an operation unless I could lose weight on my own and not rely on the operation- because it wasn't a miracle fix. He said to call him if I was serious about this operation. (Meanwhile throughout the entirety of my life, my dad would be continuously supporting me and trying to motivate me to lose weight and be healthy. He would be taking me to the doctors, buying me healthy meals and paying for my gym.) I was determined to lose weight however I could- and I did. I lost 10-15kgs in the space of 2-3 months (on my own). It felt good that I did this entirely by myself. 6 months down the road I'd gotten back down to 120kgs. It was the last year of high school (18 y/o) where I lost all my motivation. I'd been so motivated to lose weight before I went to university, and it had all just piled back on before I was about to start. I put this to me not caring, me forgetting that losing weight wasn't always about looks but about health. I was so caught up with not caring about the way I looked that I put that 15kgs back on. I'd started university the year after and continued this act of not caring, which only lead to me putting on even more weight. I was 145kgs by the end of 2014. I told my dad one day that I need to try again, that it's not going to happen unless I say it will. So he suggested to see my gp just to check in with her and see if they can offer any extra help. She took some tests before we started and she told me that I was 1 point away from getting diabetes. It wasn't a shock because I'd heard it all through my life- "you're so close to being a diabetic". What was a shock was how 1 number could be the difference. She said the only way to reverse those numbers was to lose weight. She was hesitant at first because of my age but said this was a last ditch effort to lose weight somehow then she subscribed duromine to me and told me to see her in a months time. Throughout the month of December (2014) I was taking duromine. I didn't feel any heavy side-effects like people described on the internet but did notice the dry mouth and not long after I noticed I didn't feel as though I needed to eat anything further after I'd had a meal. Even a small meal was enough. I didn't exercise at all that month. When I saw her in January 20th she told me I'd lost 11 kgs. I'm on my second month and I'm hoping that this can continue because I know the first lot of weight to lose is always the easiest. It's a bit more difficult for me at the moment because I'm not at home but staying with my auntie in Australia. Her eating habits aren't as good as what I would have at home but I'm still trying to be mindful etc etc. I find myself thinking that the pill is wearing off and isn't working. I can't tell whether that's just all the temptation in this place or not.

Well that's my essay haha!
I shall write again after my next doctors visit.
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Hi Kimberley welcome to the forum :) thank you for sharing your story .. It's good therapy to write on here because no body judges you as we are all on a similar journey:cool: I like that I can be totally honest and not fear what others might say, you will get lots of support;) any questions just ask somone will have the answer:) when I first started my journey June 14, I found writing my blog kept me honest and even if I put on or stayed the same weight I still wrote it down for all to see.
I use my fitness pal app on my iPhone & iPad every day. I do my measurements once a month ...start this as the scales can mess with your head you might not lose much one month, however you probably have lost cm's it's important to stay motivated & do whatever you need to to stay on track. We all have good weeks and somtimes bad days as we are only human lol :rolleyes: don't be disappointed with small loses because they all add up in the end ;) I didnt exercise for the couple of months as I needed to focus on my diet first & get that under control, however as I lost I had energy & felt good about exercise I walk on my walker usually 3-5 times a week. Have a great week or month enjoy your holidays :) however down load a calorie app & eat what you want but stick to your allotted calories & you should be fine.. There are lots of healthy foods in Australia easy to find & not to expensive ;)
Wow Kimberley. It sounds like you are headed in the right direction and are at a point in your life where you are ready. Thank you for sharing with us.
Like Shelly said, it is so helpful to write down how you are doing. It helps keep you on track and you will get such great support on this site from people who can relate and have experienced similar struggles. It is also useful to look back on to see how far you have come.
Everyone is different, but many find that after a while the D is less effective. Your GP may increase the dose to 30 mg as you are on the 15 mg ATM if your weight loss slows too much or stops.
11 kg in one month is great, please don't be disappointed if the next month is not quite as monumental. My first month I lost 9.4 kg then the following month was only 1.7 kg. This is common. Just remember that it is not a quick fix and if you are learning good habits along the way it will mean that you can sustain this and when you no longer have the D you will be able to keep it going.
I also did not start exercising until I had the diet side under control. One thing at a time. Now I exercise regularly. Losing the weight helps so much with this. Just go into the supermarket and pick up a bag or two of potatoes that weigh the same as what you have lost and imagine carrying that around all day. You will find that you have more energy to get moving.
Good luck and keep blogging.
Sharon xoxo
You go girl!! :) following you journey xox

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