Back on it for the new year, second run in the bag, feeling good.

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So I'm back at work and back on the treadmill. Had a run yesterday doing intervals (fast / slow pace / 1 min on / off) and knocked out 2.8 kms in 20 mins. Today i just wanted to have a jog and did 3 kms in 20 mins.
I'm only doing 20 mins at this stage, due to only having a 30 min break, 5 mins each end to change into gym clothes. I dont think there is going to be any movement of weight yet form the holidays haha, so i will weigh in next friday :)



Hello dear Rob. I am so sorry for not being here to read your latest updates. Will dig into them right away. Had the so much needed rest and now back on track.

Good job on running! Do you feel okay after it?
As for the holidays... you know, it sometimes happens that you lose, when you feast a bit after a long time of restrictions. So fingers crossed and those scales better show some good numbers next Friday! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!!!
Hey! The holidays are so hard to resist the trmptations. I gained almost 2 kilos :confounded:
How did you go about staying away from all the goodies, Rob? And you April? Share your secrets guys, have some birthday parties in a row o_O
I tried to graze, or like try everything, so lil bits and pieces here and there.. not a plated meal per-say.
But honestly i did cave a couple times and over did it, also drank a little to much. But this is the long game, there are gona be strikes and gutters here n there. :) good luck Demi

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