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Day 4 of Duromine today and so far 2.3kg lost in total (which I am surprised about, I had set a goal for myself of 1-2kg a week and would’ve been happy with that).

More importantly I’m starting to become aware of just how obsessed I was with food and how I was misusing food and the bad habits I formed. I have felt some weirdish sensations yesterday and today and I really don’t think it’s hunger but more me being so used to eating all the time and eating large amounts it’s like my brain is saying well you need to eat now because it’s lunchtime. I don’t actually feel hungry but I feel an urge to eat (which I have been ignoring as this is my time to properly reprogram and break these habits). My plan for my first week was to stick to 1200 cal max a day and aim to reduce portion sizes firstly before moving to making sure I’m eating super healthily and I’ve been able to achieve that easily. My husband ordered Chinese food for dinner last night (usually a big weakness for me) and because I wasn’t hungry I didn’t request a meal.

Today I had an epic day at work and left feeling very overwhelmed and usually I would take myself through McDonald’s drive through on my way home on a day like that and I will as having this super strong urge to go to Maccas but I knew it was more the habit making me want to go. As I wasn’t hungry I was able to avoid temptation. It leaves you feeling very exposed and vulnerable though when your way of coping (eating) is removed.

I’m using this all as my motivation to keep going as it’s highlighting why I got so fat now I am aware of my habits. I know that in 3 months time I am unlikely to get another prescription so that hunger will come back and if those habits aren’t broken by then it will be impossible to resist temptation.


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