Angry at pharmacy

Quick rant about my experience on Wednesday with the pharmacy.
My GP wrote me a script for three months (two repeats) of Duromine and I took it to my local Priceline. The pharmacist filled my order, I paid and took it home. When I opened my bag there was no repeat script. As I have worked in a pharmacy dispensary before, I knew this can sometimes happen (it shouldn't). I took my package back (at 10 mins to close) and spoke to the pharmacist asking if she could check the original to see if the GP had made an error or if I could have my repeats. She got very judgy and looked me up and down saying that "none of the local doctors give 3 months, they always only give one". I told her that I know this to be incorrect as I worked in another local pharmacy earlier this year and we see them all of the time. She begrudgingly checked the original and discovered she had made a mistake and gave me my repeat script. I left feeling very judged and quite angry that she had made this error and was so condescending.
Many people would get their package home and think nothing of it or be embarrassed. It is fortunate that I have experience reading scripts and pharmacy labels and knew what to ask for.
End of not-so-quick rant.
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Geez, how rude I hope she apologised. I just got another script from my doctor with 3 repeats. I always feel a little shy getting my script filled. I keep thinking they will judge me and not want to give it to me because I'm close to my goal weight, so far so good for me.
Made me feel angry reading this! She (the pharmacist) is a professional, so how could she? I mean OK it happens - people make mistakes, but at least they must be polite with clients and check willingly whether they made a mistake or not... Thanks, Smick for sharing this, people should be careful and be aware that such cases exist. I have never had troubles at pharmacy, but many times at local markets unfortunately. It was actually hard to teach myself to assert my rights!

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