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A little frustrated..

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So a little update! I went to my doctors today to get my blood test back and it turns out I have a pretty bad iron deficiency. Doesn't effect my weight, however because of it, my gp won't give me duromine until my levels are back to normal which he won't retest for another month :( so it's iron tablets for me and continuing my exercise and eating healthy. Frustrating but on the plus side, all my other levels are good and I guess it's best to get everything in order before starting duromine. Fingers crossed this month goes fast and I make good progress!


Hi Emtime. It’s ok, don’t worry! Get your health in order, keep your weight management routine and I am sure that this month flies really fast. Did your doctor prescribe you anything to increase your iron level? Any dietary recommendations?
Thanks guys! The support helps :)
April - My gp prescribed me iron tablets and just told me to each iron rich foods. I normally do so I’m unsure why the huge drop in my levels. The only thing I can think of that’s different is I’ve been regularly donating blood so maybe I need to give that a break. Still don’t understand it but you’re right, I’ll get everything in order and be on Duromine in no time!

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