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:eek: Current weight: 85kg

Hi all

I am a mother to a two-month old baby girl and I had made a decision even before giving birth that I would go on to Duromine but I have been stalling. Fortunately I am not breastfeeding so I have absolutely no reason to stall. Since giving birth, I have lost 3kilos but that was due to USN Phedra-cut which I started two weeks ago. In these two weeks, I have cut down my food intake and implemented some exercises in my routine. I go to gym 4 times a week at 6h40. I walk on a treadmill for about 30 mins then try some light weights for about 30 mins. However, I have decided to quit USN as I find it rather costly for my pocket, with slow reaction. Tomorrow I am going to visit my doctor and convince him togive me a Duromine prescription. The plan is to start taking the drug from Tuesday morning at 5am. I am always awake at that time anyway.


Stay tuned and wish me luck with the doc :p :eek:


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