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Hello again :) I haven't updated my blog for 2 weeks as i have been flat out with Christmas and not to mention school holidays! So im constantly trying to find things to entertain my very active almost 4yr old daughter!

But thank god I have been emailing my blog to my brother weekly, because if he doesn't have it in his inbox by Tuesday afternoon, the annoying txt messages from him start! 'where's your blog' 'push through, don't give up' ''don't stop now lass' ( I don't know why he calls me lass, but he has done so since we were very young and he knows it annoys me, so that's my guess as to why!!)

I have been doing so well!! I only take the tablets when I remember, which may only be 2 or 3 times a week! And I'm no different on the days I don't take them! Which is great! Still substituting 2 meals a day for protein shakes and trying to get my body and tummy used to that! And then i have salad and protein for dinner! Some days I will have something light for lunch, like crackers, tuna, sushi and so on, and on those days I feel overly full. I think my stomach is finally starting to shrink!! Lol.

It had been 2 wks since my last weigh in, so I was very nervous stepping on those scales on Monday. But I was happy to see that i had lost 3.8kgs in that 2 wk period! :) and another 3cm's off my waist!! The thing that made me even happier, was the massive change in the amount of calories my body needs (they use this very fancy body scan scales, that knows just about everything -including the color of my knickers-lol) when I started, my body needed 2100 calories daily, now it only needs 1800!!

To date, I have lost 15.8kgs. I have lost them, and I never want to find them again! And I now have a pile of 'too big' clothes to sell :) I'm so happy!!

My next weigh in is on 6th jan 2013, as my weight loss group is closed over the holidays! So I will update you then!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and that you get everything u wish for. I will be celebrating my 25th birthday on the 29th as well! (if my brother is ready this, I want gift vouchers!)

Love the new girl


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