14/02/2020 weigh in, Oh Yeah!!

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Weight: 106.1 Kgs, 105 Kgs,105.85 kgs, 105.05 kgs >> 104.1 Kgs!! (Woohoo under 105!)
BF: 34.2% - 33.9% - 34.1% - 33.8% >> 33.7 %
B Water: 48% - 48.2 % - 48.1% - 48.3% >> 48.3%
BF Weight : 36.3kgs - 35.6kgs - 36.1kgs - 35.5 kgs >> 35.1 Kgs
Bone Mass: 8.5% - 8.4% - 8.4% - 8.4 % >> 8.4%

Ah really happy this week to finally get under that dam 105kg mark, next goal is 100kg.
The scales readings are interesting being it suggests I've lost only .4kgs of fat,, but retained body water and bone mass... Im guess they are more like guidelines haha. BUT either way, super stoked for getting under that goal, felt a lil bit plateaued.
Food for this week was been pretty solid with a 3 20mins runs on the treadmill.

Breakfasts: Two eggs on two slices of toast. (every morning)

Lunch: 100g of protein, (chicken, pork, beef, tuna) half ish cup of carb - being rice or some potato. and then a good cup and then some of veg, pick your veg, any veg really, corn, peas, broccoli, coli, carrot.

Snacks: have been - 2 or 3 mid/small apples, those single serve protein yogurts, small choc/nut bars. (lol not everything listed haha, but like 3 pieces total, weather it was just 3 apples in one day, or a nut bar, yogurt and an apple in one day, etc)

Dinner: Straight out of the CSIRO diet book or the sweat app, the wifey has been cooking up a storm and they are yummy dinners.
Chuck in 3 + litres of water a day, only 2 or 3 diet/zero soft drinks (glass) in the evenings after work, and my spirits intake has been very low, i think i had 1 drink after work, maybe 2 nights this week.


Wow wow wow!!! Congrats, Rob!!! No more number 5!!!
The scales are indeed a pain in the ...
What about your clothes? Fitting better?
Foodwise, all looks good. Your wife, i am sure she is a fantastic cook! :) Ask her about planned dinner earlier, and adjust your meals so that you can fit into the daily calorie norm

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