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It’s important to register on the forum

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Then, you need to upgrade your account to Premium (using PayPal or credit card)

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Check out the Buy and Sell section of the forum

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DM a Premium Member of choice

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Agree on the details for Saxenda order with the seller and pay for it

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Get your Saxenda in less than 3 days and start your weight loss

Premium Saxenda sellers - what does it mean?

A Premium Seller on is a forum member, who managed to become a seller and whom you can find among the sellers in Sell and Buy section. However, it’s not that easy to become a premium seller, and here’s why...

The administration of the forum doesn’t just let any forum member become a seller, because they want to make sure that the forum members are safe from multiple scams you can find on the Internet.

Therefore, the possible future seller goes through some checks, including the delivery of Saxenda to a forum member. If it arrives safe and sound, within the promised deadline, the administration allows him to proceed with the creation of his own thread.

This is not all. Every time the seller gets a new stock of product, he announces the forum members of its availability and has to prove it by attaching a new photo.

This might seem too severe, but the forum administration cares for their members and wants to make sure that nobody is scammed.

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Trusted saxenda sellers


Many thanks to @Anne_R for the wonderful service that she provides. I'm another happy customer. Efficient, personable and professional. Highly recommended! 5 stars
Highly recommend @Anne_R, ordered on Sunday and arrived in regional SA, Wed morning. She stays in contact to make sure you’re happy all the the sale.
Anne is a fantastic seller. Stays in contact, reliable and genuine product. Highly recommend!! Thanks Anne
I definitely recommend @Anne_R! Great with communication and fast to send. Have ordered twice now, and both times received product very quickly, second time within 2 days!
I can recommend Anne R - communication very easy and responsive and package was delivered fast!
Hi, as a complete newbie, I was very nervous about parting with my cash. My leap of faith with Anne_R paid off. Great comms, great delivery time, great packaging...great everything! I'll definitely order from .Anne_R again. Thanks Anne, you bloody legend

Why choose to buy Saxenda online at a premium seller

Visit a doctor
No wasting money and time for a doctor’s consultation
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Simply log in and buy Saxenda, as much as you wish
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You know for sure that you will get it delivered to you in no time
Zero customs issues
Fast delivery (24-72 hours)

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If you need to clarify something about the medication, please see the Saxenda F.A.Q. below.

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