Duromine after pregnancy

I put on a massive 33kg during my pregnancy, starting at 72kg and ending at 105kg. I contribute some of my huge weight gain to the fact that I also quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant (I’m still a non-smoker over 12 months later!). Going cold turkey was rough and I found that instead of smoking when I was stressed, happy, nervous, or sad, I would eat instead. I also became entirely sedentary because of terrible swelling and pelvic pain.

After bub was born, I was able to lose 15kg on my own but then I plateaued at 90kg. I felt like I was at war with my body, as absolutely nothing was working to get rid of the extra 18kg. This included a calorie controlled diet and a walk/jog between 3.5-5km per day.

Potentially it could have been the breastfeeding that hindered my weight loss. I hear some women will naturally retain their fat to provide breast milk for their babies. I stopped breast feeding when my baby was 5 months old as my supply suddenly dropped. After speaking to a few friends, I thought I’d give it a try because I was desperate. I have never weighed more than 75kg in my entire life and I felt so terrible about myself. I rarely got photos with my daughter and was so embarrassed for friends and family to see me because of my size. I was so relieved when my doctor prescribed me 30mg.

Cons: The side effects I’ve had include insomnia, dry mouth, fatigue, irritability, nausea and feeling depressed.

Pros: Huge weight loss, helps me focus (I’m at uni and I’ve noticed I can watch whole lectures and read entire chapters without being distracted), more energy, relearning good meal habits/ portion sizes and higher impact exercise.

Currently at day 49 on duromine.
SW before duromine: 105kg
SW when started taking duromine: 90kg
CW: 79kg
GW: 75kg
Super GW: 69kg
Weight loss since taking duromine: 11kg
Total weight loss: 26kg!

It is such an incredible feeling to be fitting into a lot of my old clothes again and I am so happy with my results to date. I know how hard it is as a mum trying to lose weight after a baby, it almost feels impossible. But there is always hope if you just keep persisting! I thought there was such a small chance I’d be able to lose anymore weight, especially with a newborn baby, uni and now returning to work, but I am definitely on my way!

Good luck everyone!


EllQue, this is a wonderful story, and it's so motivating!:bomb::heart:
Being a mommy is not easy at all sometimes, and weight loss during this period can become a real challenge.

Insomnia can cause irritability and sad mood. Did you try doing meditation? A 10-minutes self time can do wonders :innocent:
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Congrats on giving up smoking and losing 11 kilos being a mommy!!
These are great achievements:sun:

Did you make 'before' and 'after' pics?

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