Day 3 - First work day

Weighed myself this morning. Have lost almost 3 kilos! (2.9) :scream:
While on my morning walk my boss rang and wanted me to start earlier. This meant my day was a bit hectic. Luckily I had prepped my lunch so I just had to grab it. I’m not hungry at all.
Breakfast: 1/2 serve of shake with coconut milk, banana, chia seeds, HM vanilla shake powder, benefibre, water and ice
Morning tea: cherries, grapes, raspberries
Lunch: veggie sticks and guacamole, cup of tea
Afternoon tea: Diet Coke
Dinner: TBC
So far I’m pretty happy.


@Smick wow! 3 kg in 3 three days only???
Thanks for sharing your meals! Do you think diet coke is a good choice? :p
Hey, @Smick! I'm happy to see you again here :innocent:
Your experience is motivating!
How are you feeling today?
No. But I feel that Diet Coke was a better choice than champagne.
However, don't forget to drink a glass of champagne at the very end of your journey!
I'd be really glad to read about your final results of Duromine treatment.

Fingers crossed!

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