will duromine show on a drug test

Duromine drug test

You might have seen online reviews about people who faced a positive drug screening test result while being on Duromine. 


Duromine withdrawal

When you stop taking a stimulant cold turkey, the so-called withdrawal symptoms can hit you hard. Duromine is no exception

Duromine and pregnancy

Duromine and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and essential time of a woman’s life. When carrying a new life inside, you must


Duromine and Alcohol

Some people can’t imagine a dinner without a glass of wine or a party without a bottle of beer. The

Duromine and coffee

Duromine and coffee

We all love coffee. It can boost our mental alertness for a while, stimulating the central nervous system. It is

Duromine is it speed

Is Duromine speed?

Euphoria, a boost of energy, mood swings… Yes, it may happen when you are on Duromine. But does it mean