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Kathryn Bolton

Kathryn Bolton

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Kathryn Bolton is a dietitian practitioner. She helps people who care about their health and weight to eat better without saving on pleasure! She provides professional advice on healthy eating. The focus is on nutrition for people with diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and other diseases. Bachelor’s degree from Queensland University of Technology (Nutrition and Dietetics), member of the Society for Australian Independent Dietitian-Nutritionists (AIDNSoc) and the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).
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– Updated March 23, 2022

What are Metermine side effects, and how do these affect your health? Learn more about possible adverse reactions to the popular weight loss medicine. 

For the most part, we skip lengthy instructions for prescription medications and avoid reading about side effects, as it may cause us unpleasant anxiety. However, ignoring the manufacturer’s recommendations is far more dangerous than feeling less nervous. When it comes to losing weight, every aspect is vitally important for your health. It would not be wise to ignore recommendations to avoid certain habits or follow specific treatment guidance. Such guidance can be the key to the slim waist you’ll see soon in the mirror.

Metermine 30 mg side effects

Like with any other prescription medicine, the side effects of Metermine could be barely noticeable or severe. However, it would be a mistake to ignore the correct dose, an aspect of treatment that is easy to neglect at first glance.

Metermine 30 mg may cause a variety of side effects that may cause a severe health emergency:

Acute cardiovascular illness
Myocardial infarction

The outcomes listed above are as improbable as a blizzard on Hawaii, but Nature lives its own way. If you ignore warnings and recommendations and fail to observe appropriate dose quantity, even such rare adverse reactions may suddenly become a reality.

People who take Metermine 30 mg, however, mention more common side effects, such as:

Increased heartbeat rate
Dry mouth
Mood swings
Digestion problems

Many people ask if there’s a critical difference between Duromine and Metermine. The difference between Metermine and Duromine is minimal when it comes to side effects.

Both may cause digestion irregularities and dryness of the mouth. If you experience any of the symptoms, contact a health care professional, and don’t forget to tell about the dose taken.

Metermine 40 mg side effects

The risk of side effects runs much higher when the concentration of the substance increases in your body. A dose of 40 mg may cause the following Metermine side effects:

Digestion irregularities
Increased heartbeat rate
Depressions and mood swings

If you commonly experience discomfort or it makes you feel uneasy, you might want to temporarily suspend treatment to give your body time to rest and recover.

It is important to remember that all decisions regarding Metermine intake must be made according to your doctor’s advice. Working with your healthcare provider, you can minimize Metermine side effects and lose weight safely.

Metermine and Alcohol

Always remember about the risks of alcohol consumption alongside any prescription drug! It’s always better to be safe than to face severe side effects.

Mixing Metermine and alcohol represents a serious threat to your life, not to mention side effects affecting your health. After all, like any other prescription drug that impacts your nervous system, Metermine mixed with alcohol will undoubtedly lead to adverse reactions.

When it comes to risks of alcohol consumption alongside your prescribed medicine, there is no difference between Metermine and Duromine. Both feature a strict warning sign related to alcohol consumption during the treatment. If you ignore the rules, it may lead to:

Increased heartbeat rate
Dry mouth

Anyone who wants to lose weight safely and fast should consistently follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Note that alcohol is rich in calories and causes liquid retention. Avoid drinking alcohol, at least when you lose weight, and you will surely achieve better results.

Besides, you are the only one who can truly take responsibility for your own health. Therefore, stay consistent in your goals, and a perfect body will undoubtedly be yours.

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