Is Duromine speed?

Euphoria, a boost of energy, mood swings… Yes, it may happen when you are on Duromine. But does it mean that Duromine is speed?

Some people still think that Duromine is a legal speed. The others say that this is the most popular misbelief about Duromine. So, let’s figure out who is right.

Does Duromine contain speed?

First and foremost, let’s find what does Duromine contain. It consists of phentermine as the active ingredient

Phentermine works by increasing the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers of the human body and include norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. When the levels of these three chemicals are increased, it leads to decreased appetite.

Thus, Duromine and speed have some similar effects on the human Central Nervous System (CNS). But they are significantly different and are compared in this way by mistake. It is also important to note that Duromine is approved by FDA and is not a speed-based drug.

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Is Duromine Like Speed?

Some people call Duromine a “legal speed”. This nickname was given because of its famous effects on CNS. But let’s find the important differences:

Has a very low risk of physical or mental dependence Can develop dependence from the very first time of usage
Is legal drug produced by pharmaceutical companies Is absolutely illegal
Has a low risk of euphoria or mental changes Changes your mental abilities, gets you high

Thus we can conclude that Duromine isn’t like speed and is absolutely legal medication.

Does Duromine make you high

How much Duromine is needed to get high?

There is no research on this issue as Duromine is not used to get high. As we have noticed above, it may have some potential similarities with speed or other drugs, but it can’t be compared with other illegal drugs in this way. 

Does Duromine get you high? Sometimes Duromine can cause different mental and mood issues, but we can explain it as one of the rare side effects of this appetite suppressant. You can’t be sure that it will happen to you. 

If you think that Duromine overdosing will make you high, we have bad news for you. This action will only cause severe side effects, and you should seek medical assistance. 

Is Duromine amphetamine?

The active ingredient of Duromine is a CNS stimulant and belongs to the class of substituted amphetamines. This is a class of compounds, which by their chemical structure are similar to amphetamines. They are amphetamine derivatives, in which one or more atoms are replaced with an atom or a group of atoms, thus turning them into new molecules.

So, is Duromine an amphetamine? Concluding all mentioned above, Duromine is not an amphetamine, though its structure is similar to amphetamines. Since substituted amphetamines may cause various influences over the central nervous system and have an increased probability of causing severe side effects, they belong to the list of controlled substances. They are dispensed in pharmacies with a prescription only.

Duromine recreational use

We strongly don’t recommend taking Duromine as a recreational drug. It’s a controlled substance that is used for weight loss purposes. Duromine has a particular dosing regimen and has a list of contradictions. It’s also prohibited to drink alcohol or use other recreational drugs while on Duromine.


Due to its effects on CNS, many people mistakenly think that Duromine and speed are the same and try to find legal ways to get Duromine without a prescription. As we can see, this fact is false.

However, even though Duromine is not an amphetamine or speed, it is strongly recommended that people, who plan on using it for weight loss, consult with a doctor and have their health assessed before they try Duromine.

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