Duromine pbs scheme

Is Duromine on the PBS in Australia?

Written by April Galt, BSc, MBA on October 26, 2021 — Qualified nutritionist reviewed by Jodie Theia ANutr, GDipNut, BSc, BA, Nutrition

The high price of Duromine can be a major barrier for a purchase. How can you reduce costs and buy the drug cheaper?

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) can help you with that. This is a drug subsidy program. The PBS is administered by Medicare Australia, the Australian Public Health Insurance Commission. Its list includes more than 3000 names of various medicinal products.

Duromine PBS 

The list of subsidized drugs is regulated by a special division of the Ministry of Health (Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee).

Prescription drug subsidies cover the most commonly used drug groups, such as:

  1. Medicines for the treatment of hypertension and heart failure.
  2. Medications for the treatment of stomach and digestive tract diseases.
  3. Medicines for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.
  4. Antipsychotics, antibiotics, etc.

If you spend a lot of money on PBS medications, then the PBS Safety Net can lower your costs. When you spend a certain amount of money and reach the threshold, you can get PBS medicines cheaper or free of charge until the end of the year.

  The PBS Safety Net threshold in 2021 is:

The PBS Safety Net threshold in 2021 is:

316.80 USD for discount card holders
1,497.20 USD for regular patients.

 Before you reach the threshold, each medicine will cost:

Before you reach the threshold, each medicine will cost:

up to 6.60 USD for discount card holders
up to 41.30 USD for regular patients.

It is best to discuss these details with your pharmacist so that he can keep track of your expenses.

In addition, the price of two or more drugs containing the same active ingredient can vary significantly.

If you choose a more expensive drug, the additional costs you incur may not be included in the PBS threshold. Your doctor can explain to you which drugs are more expensive than others and what amount of money will be counted when calculating the threshold.

Duromine is listed in the generic prescription drugs group and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Registry and you can get it at the reduced price according to the Duromine PBS Scheme using your doctor’s prescription and Medicare.

Duromine Medicare Rebate

The National health care system Medicare offers reduced prices on prescription drugs for:

  • residents of Australia and New Zealand;
  • permanent residents of Australia and foreigners, subject to an intergovernmental agreement on health care.

Medicare covers expenses:

  • for basic medical care, inpatient and outpatient care;
  • up to 85% of the treatment costs at medical specialists;
  • for the purchase of prescription drugs, including Duromine.

In this case, drugs are invoiced to the insurer, or paid by a patient himself with further compensation.

Duromine cost: Health Care Card

The Health Care Card is a discount card for cheaper drugs and discounts on treatment.

If you are on a low income, you are eligible for a Health Care Card. This entitles you to get prescription drugs at discount according to the Pharmaceutical Benefits (PBS) program, and a higher reimbursement of medical costs when you go to Medicare Safety Net.

But since the price of Duromine significantly exceeds the limits for drugs (more than $ 100) set on Health Care Cards, it is impossible to purchase it under this program.

So is it possible to get Duromine at a discount price?

It is possible, if you:

  • participate in the PBS program;
  • constantly monitor the threshold of expenses on your own or with the help of a pharmacist;
  • are insured by private health insurance, which in most cases covers the purchase of Duromine weight loss drug.

And unfortunately the Health Care Card program does not provide you with the opportunity to get a discount on weight loss drugs.

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