Duromine weight loss pills

Written by April Galt, BSc, MBA on October 15, 2021 — Qualified nutritionist reviewed by Jodie Theia ANutr, GDipNut, BSc, BA, Nutrition

Duromine is the name of weight loss capsules that restrain the feeling of hunger. They also help to gain control over the appetite. The benefit that these capsules offer to people wanting to lose weight is the ability to gradually reduce the amount of food intake, thereby providing the weight loss effect. This effect is provided by Phentermine, the active substance of Duromine.

Weight loss drug Duromine

Duromine weight loss tablets are intended for use in people who suffer from obesity or have extra weight. This medication is recommended for individuals with body mass index (BMI) of over 27. This means that a person has excess weight, in other words – obesity.

Only a doctor is entitled to prescribe Duromine. The use of this drug is forbidden without prescription.

General indications:

first-, second-, or third-degree obesity; 

fast weight gain, excess body weight;

high cholesterol levels.

Duromine benefits

The drug has a number of positive effects that were clinically proven. The benefits of Duromine are as follows:

helps to get rid of 5-10% of excess body weight in 12 weeks. For instance, weighing initially 150 kg, one may lose 7-15 kg;

increases the effectiveness of treatment of psychogenic overeating, which in turn is caused by adjustment disorder;

helps address the issue of bulimia nervosa, which is an eating disorder, characterized by overeating episodes and excessive weight control.

When combined with adequate physical activity and a mild diet approved by a dietician, Duromine provides a beneficial effect on the weight loss process, speeding it up significantly. Regular use of the medication in accordance with the instructions for use (1 pill per day) promotes a decrease in appetite.

Before you make the final decision to use these weight loss capsules, it is a must to consult a physician.

Duromine fact sheet

The manufacturer produces this weight loss medicine in capsules of 15, 30 and 40 mg.

Main information on the capsules (Duromine 15 mg, Duromine 30 mg), packaging and manufacturer is provided below.

Duromine is manufactured by iNova Pharmaceuticals. This company, being a part of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International group is a leader on the markets of Australia and South Africa.

Duromine main information: the drug is available in five variants. These are the packs of 30 and 7 capsules.

30 capsules packs:

AUST R 10941. Capsules of 15 mg. Grey and green color. Marking – Duromine 15.

AUST R 76680. Capsules of 30 mg. Grey and reddish-brown color. Marking – Duromine 30.

AUST R 10942. Capsules of 40 mg. Grey and orange color. Marking – Duromine 40.

7 capsules packs:

AUST R 10941. Capsules of 15 mg. Grey and green color. Marking – Duromine 15.

AUST R 76680. Capsules of 30 mg. Grey and reddish-brown color. Marking – Duromine 30.

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The important details about Duromine are presented in

How to get Duromine weight loss pills in Australia?

In order to buy the capsules, you need to have a medical prescription. But not everybody and not always can get a prescription from a doctor. It happens because many physicians believe that people can easily lose body weight without the help of medications, when they have no other diseases. Most likely, a doctor would recommend sticking to a diet and adding more physical activity to your lifestyle. Please note that the capsules have a number of contraindications, therefore it is required to consult a specialist before using this medicine. 

Duromine ingredients

The capsules contain active substance and excipients. The active ingredient in Duromine is combined with substances contributing to its slow release. That’s why the effect of one 30 mg capsule lasts all day long. 

Ingredients of Duromine: 

Phentermine. The Duromine active ingredient. It is used for obesity treatment and also is a part of other popular medications;

lactose monohydrate;

magnesium stearate;

liquid paraffin;


iron oxide;

sodium polystyrene;

titanium dioxide (as a base for dyes).

Iron oxide and erythrosine are added to the formula, depending on the color of the capsules in different packs. The medicine is gluten-free.

For instance, Duromine capsule 30 mg contains iron oxide red. It is CI 77491 dye. Capsules of Duromine 15 mg and 40 mg contain iron oxide yellow and erythrosine (CI 77492 and CI 5985) respectively.

All the other substances and capsules components are the same, only come in different dosages.

Duromine appetite suppressant

The appetite suppressant Duromine allows to prolong the time within which a person ceases to feel hungry. It is Phentermine that provides such an effect. This substance does not cause euphoria, although its effect is similar to one of amphetamine. In some countries Phentermine is not prohibited, despite the fact that it belongs to a group of narcotic substances, psychostimulants and sympathomimetics (sympathetic nervous system stimulants).

Like some other weight loss drugs, Duromine blocks the activity of neurons, responsible for hunger. In addition, it provides the regulation of appetite and energy self-regulation of the body. As a result of this double effect people are able to cope with overeating – the major enemy on the way to a slim body.

Changes one may notice as a result of using Duromine drug:

reduced daily food consumption;

burning of body fat to replenish the calorie deficit (which results from lesser food consumption than usual).

By combining moderate physical activity and a change in diet one may achieve incredible results and lose up to 10% of body weight in 2-3 months.

Duromine pills: possible issues after use

After the use of Duromine tablets one may face the following effects:

increased vigor, sleep disturbance;

increased heart rate;

high blood pressure;

feeling of anxiousness or nervousness;

feeling of euphoria, followed by fatigue.

These effects of using Duromine tablets are not hazardous to the health and life of a person if they are mild. But if one of these symptoms is strongly pronounced, it is best to stop using the capsules and visit a doctor. 

Also, in case of some atypical symptoms after the intake of Duromine weight loss tablets, the manufacturer recommends consulting a physician immediately. 

What results to expect

When using Duromine medication strictly according to the instructions for use and doctor’s recommendations, one can achieve the following results:

reduced body weight due to the action of the active substance. It not only suppresses the hunger during the day but also reduces the appetite levels while you eat;

a complex and prolonged effect. Regular use of weight loss medication Duromine provides noticeable results in 2-3 months. The results are maintained if you change your diet and lead an active lifestyle.

It is noteworthy that the use of Duromine medicine alone is not enough. Weight loss requires a complex approach. The best way is to consult a dietician and get an effective diet. The capsules’ efficiency is low without a proper eating plan.

Who must not use Duromine slimming pills

Duromine slimming tablets are contraindicated for people, who:

take antidepressants;

abuse drugs or alcohol;

suffer from high blood pressure, severe heart diseases, blood vessel disorders;

are allergic to Phentermine, other ingredients of the capsules, or similar weight loss medications.

Just as other weight loss slimming pills, Duromine is contraindicated for use in children under the age of 12. Other contraindications include the following conditions:


mental diseases;


It is forbidden to begin the use of the drug without a prescription from a specialist. Make sure you consult a doctor first.

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