Duromine and Alcohol

Kathryn Bolton

Kathryn Bolton

APD, Anutr, Diabets, IBS

Kathryn Bolton is a dietitian practitioner. She helps people who care about their health and weight to eat better without saving on pleasure! She provides professional advice on healthy eating. The focus is on nutrition for people with diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and other diseases. Bachelor’s degree from Queensland University of Technology (Nutrition and Dietetics), member of the Society for Australian Independent Dietitian-Nutritionists (AIDNSoc) and the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).
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– Updated September 21, 2021

Some people can’t imagine a dinner without a glass of wine or a party without a bottle of beer. The weight loss journey is stressful, and some of us turn to alcohol because it helps them to relax and deal with hard times. 

Of course, the patient’s leaflet clearly states that the use of Duromine with alcohol is prohibited. Is it really? Completely? Can’t we enjoy a cold Balter at least once a month? Let’s see what you can expect after having partying find out if it’s allowed to drink your favorite alcoholic drink with Duromine.

Can you drink alcohol on Duromine?

Can Alcohol Stop Duromine From Working? – It is a very popular question among Duromine users. Some people don’t find any problem with drinking on Duromine; however, alcohol and different drugs can’t be taken together. Duromine is not an exception. 

Duromine is a very potent drug, and it already makes your body work differently. It provides a specific load to all of your internal organs. Both Duromine and alcohol exert some severe effects on your central nervous system. Your body can react dramatically the next time you decide to have a drink.

Alcohol, together with Duromine, can provoke different adverse reactions, which can be fatal for your health.

Duromine adverse reactions with alcohol

It’s not a secret that Duromine itself may cause some adverse reactions. Alcohol may worsen these adverse reactions. Of course, a small amount of it will not be fatal when combined with Duromine, yet may intensify dizziness, nausea, palpitation, etc. Even if you take 15mg or 30 mg, the adverse reactions of Duromine and alcohol may be very aggressive. Both Duromine and alcohol are stimulants, and they act in the central nervous system. When you use them together, Duromine and alcohol adverse reactions may become worse. For instance: nervousness, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, etc. 

Moreover, this medication is contraindicated in people with current or previous alcohol dependency.

How long after taking Duromine can I drink alcohol?

According to studies, Duromine stays in your system for up to four days. However, it also depends on many factors like your weight, height, health conditions, and course duration. There shouldn’t be any severe effects if you drink a small portion of alcohol after 12 hours of taking the last Duromine capsule. But again, Duromine and alcohol interaction is very individual. 

How does alcohol influence your weight loss journey?

Adverse reactions are only one side of the coin. Alcohol is very high in calories. Besides, it often contains additional additives that stimulate the accumulation of fat. It is also worth considering that alcohol increases appetite and leads to excessive food intake. 

Moreover, alcohol may neutralize the effect of Duromine. And all your efforts come to zero. Don’t forget that alcohol consumption can lead to water retention. It also interferes with your weight loss.

So, can you drink alcohol while taking Duromine? It is up to you to decide. But it would be best if you think twice before you choose to relax with a glass of wine. And now you know better about the consequences of Duromine and alcohol adverse reactions. 

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