Appetite Suppressant


Essential facts about appetite suppressants and more. You may be thinking: what are appetite suppressants, and what are they for? Losing a few extra pounds does not always come easy; the willpower is often not enough. If all ordinary alternatives were not helpful and a person decided to fall back on powerful medicine, getting detailed … Read more

Metermine Side Effects

What are Metermine side effects, and how do these affect your health? Learn more about possible adverse reactions to the popular weight loss medicine.  For the most part, we skip lengthy instructions for prescription medications and avoid reading about side effects, as it may cause us unpleasant anxiety. However, ignoring the manufacturer’s recommendations is far … Read more

Duromine and Metformin


Duromine and Metformin. Which medicine for weight loss is better and why? What to consider when choosing a medication to lose the extra pounds? First of all, you should analyze the impact Duromine and Metformin have on your body and learn about each drug’s side effects and possibilities. After all, patients are focused on the … Read more

Duromine and Pregnancy

Duromine and pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and essential time of a woman’s life. When carrying a new life inside, you must be very attentive to what you eat, drink, and especially what medicine you take. You will undoubtedly face the problem that many pills are contraindicated during your pregnancy or breastfeeding. So, is it safe to … Read more

Duromine vs Dexamphetamine

Duromine vs Dexamphetamine. What drug to choose as a helper for the fight against excess weight? And again, the torment of choice. How do I know which drug will work best and if it is right for me? Both drugs were created to help their patients cope with compulsive disorders and overeating. But is one … Read more

Adipex vs Duromine


Duromine and Adipex are two trade names of the same well-known drug Phentermine, which has been approved for the treatment of obesity. Both drugs suppress appetite and are used to treat obesity along with diet and physical activity. Let’s figure out their differences. Similarities and differences of Duromine vs Adipex Duromine first appeared on the … Read more

Saxenda vs Duromine


Duromine vs. Saxenda, both are prescription medicines, intended for weight loss and obesity treatment. However, they provide different effects over the human body. Saxenda and Duromine Saxenda Duromine Pharmaceutical form ✓ pre-filled pens with 3 ml of solution for injection, ✓ prescription only ✓ capsules of 15 mg, 30 mg and 40 mg ✓ prescription … Read more

Reductil vs Duromine


Duromine and Reductil are drugs for effective weight loss, and there are similarities and differences between them. Reductil is a drug that helps you lose weight by suppressing your appetite, just like Duromine. The pill works by blocking receptors in the brain that are responsible for feeling hungry. Satiety allows you to eat less and, … Read more

Duromine and Panadol


Panadol (paracetamol) is commonly used in Australia for headaches, pain, and fever. It is a medicine sold by pharmacists without prescription. states that no interactions between Duromine and Panadol have been found. However, this does not necessarily mean that there are no drug interactions at all. Make sure you always consult your doctor before … Read more

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