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Kathryn Bolton

Kathryn Bolton

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Kathryn Bolton is a dietitian practitioner. She helps people who care about their health and weight to eat better without saving on pleasure! She provides professional advice on healthy eating. The focus is on nutrition for people with diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and other diseases. Bachelor’s degree from Queensland University of Technology (Nutrition and Dietetics), member of the Society for Australian Independent Dietitian-Nutritionists (AIDNSoc) and the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).
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– Updated February 21, 2022

Appetite-suppressant drugs reviews (Australia)

If you google appetite suppressant reviews 2021, you’ll see the most popular diet pills. And the most effective in Australia are phentermine-based. Duromine is the popular one! Why? Because people achieve excellent results on Duromine in a short period. 

User with the nickname Babygirl writes:

“My journey has started from Phentermine. And during my first course, I have lost 8 kg only! I was so disappointed!
Then my GP prescribed me Duromine 40 mg. Of course, I had to take it with a healthy diet and exercise. Each day was new distress for me.
My last weigh-in showed that I am 50 kilos lighter. I can’t believe it’s true! I love my new body! I cannot forgive myself for not doing this before.

Just check out my photos if you ever want to give Duromine a try.”

Sometimes Phentermine doesn’t work in the first course of treatment, and you need to change diet pills. However, there are cases when the same drug had different effects at different periods. Don’t forget that all weight loss drugs work better in conjunction with diet and physical activity.

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Weight loss appetite-suppressant reviews

As you can see, the most effective appetite suppressants are pharmacological ones. It’s drugs that make you eat less by affecting some parts of your brain. So, let’s see one of the best appetite suppressant reviews, in our opinion.

Michael.K writes:

“I had dieted before for short periods, usually ranging from 1-7 days, but had never managed to lose any weight. I genuinely believed I could not do it, and at such a weight, this scared me. I felt I might be doomed to be overweight until it finally killed me. But here I am, 100 lbs down and feeling better than I ever hoped I would. “

His review is very informative for those who plan to start a weight loss journey on Duromine or other appetite suppressants. Just imagine, he has lost 45 kgs! If you still can’t believe it, read Michael’s story.

SlimStephen also shared his experience on how he has lost 27.5 kg in 8 months:

“Back in July 2020, I weighed in at 103.7kg. I went to the gym six mornings a week for 1 1/2 hours per visit at 4:15 am. I changed my eating habits by about 90%. I was on Duromine for three months and lost 21kgs in that time. Then in the next six weeks, I lost another 6.5kgs. Taking me down to 76.2kg.”

That’s another confirmation that appetite suppressants work. Yet, it’s not a magic pill; you need to change your lifestyle, but it is worth it!

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Appetite-suppressant pills reviews and adverse reactions

Adverse reactions of phentermine-based pills are the other side of the coin, which can be quite unpleasant. It doesn’t mean that all people experience adverse reactions, but you must know about possible risks.

We have divided all the aftereffects on the Forum by the common issues:


Heart Issues

Stomach Issues


Mental and Mood Issues

Dry Mouth

Insomnia and dry mouth are the most frequent adverse reactions. Some people may experience one or two adverse reactions at the same time.

User SleepInTheGarden writes:

“I took my first Duromine at 6:30 this morning! I woke up at 9 and couldn’t sleep, which I usually get up at 10-11. I felt a bit shaky and felt the need to clean or do something. Other than that, no real side effects, so I’m very happy.”

Caragh87 describes her mental issues:

“So I thought I was going mad.. but I’ve done some googling. I’m on my 4th day of taking metermine, and I forget so many things.
I took some washing out of the dryer, and now I have NO idea where it is… I think I put it back in the washing machine… I went out before to specifically get my eyebrows waxed, and go food shopping… But I forgot to get my eyebrows waxed.
I haven’t been sleeping THAT well.. maybe 5-6 hours a night or a little less if you count the wakeups. I feel fine, though. I especially love that I’m not hungry at all… but this is just a bit weird.”

Read the Duromine Side Effects article if you want to learn more about possible phentermine-based drugs’ adverse reactions.

Natural appetite-suppressant remedies reviews 

What is a natural appetite suppressant? It’s herbs, gums, caffeine-based remedies (coffee, tea). And, of course, they won’t help you lose many kgs. But they have the right to exist! 

One of such remedies is the herbal-based medication named PhenGold. The manufacturer claims that it is a natural appetite suppressant and has natural components that lead to weight loss.

However, such medicine has no proven efficiency; let’s see what people say in natural care appetite suppressant reviews.

User Rava has tried Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite (caffeine-based capsules):

“It’s a fitness supplement with an added fat burner. Thermogenesis, in a nutshell – is the state in which your body burns the most fat, but the same properties also lead to a general boost in energy in the body as it raises your core body temp. Similar to Duromine in this regard, but obviously, the ingredients are natural, and they are caffeine-based. So as they raise your body temp, your heart rate increases, causing more blood to flow to the parts of your body that require more oxygen.
I decided to give it a go. I’ve been told to take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets at lunch.

Side effects listed:

Increased heart rate
Dry Mouth

So similar to the Duro, eh?”

Please note, when choosing even natural remedies to reduce your appetite, you should rely on your doctor’s advice and the state of your health.

Bottom line

There are so many reviews on the Forum to read. You can read, ask or share your own experience.

But remember, we all are different. It is always up to you to decide what is better for achieving your goal and for your health. 

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